Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Hanwell is one of the Singapore’s key players in the manufacturing, brand management and marketing of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Over the years, we have kept ourselves abreast of changing tastes and preferences of consumers to improve our variety of living essentials. Our main subsidiaries in the FMCG business are:


Topseller Pte Ltd ("Topseller") 

Established in 1977, Topseller has grown into a strong distributor and brand developer of popular consumer products. With strengths in marketing, sales management, logistics and distribution of fast moving consumer products, Topseller has the capabilities to handle a wide portfolio of food and non-food, as well as ambient and chilled products.

Popular proprietary brands include Royal Umbrella rice, Golden Peony rice, Gitangkim rice, Okome rice, Taj Ponni rice, Harmuni rice and oil, Golden Circle oil and Soyalite oil. Sunnyfresh detergent, Promax detergent, Singpo detergent and TP706 dishwashing liquid are some of Topseller’s proprietary brands in the non-food category. Long-lasting partnerships have also been forged with brands such as Kao, Lion, Liu Shen, Herborist, Pauls, and JA Premium Japanese Rice.

In addition to its strengths in the grocery retail trade, Topseller’s Food Services Division has grown significantly over the years. Its customers include airlines, caterers, institutions, ship chandlers, hotels, restaurants, food courts and hawker centres.

Please visit www.topseller.com.sg for more information.


Tipex Pte. Ltd. ("Tipex")

Established in 1984, Tipex was set up to supplement Hanwell in its distribution of dried goods, preserved fruit, canned food and festive goods. Since then, it has expanded its portfolio many folds and is one of Singapore’s major distributors of paper products today.

Proprietary brands include household names such as Beautex, Mood, Hibis, Comfy and Parity. In 2007, Beautex was named in the Singapore Book of Records as the first to launch a complete range of premium and economical three-ply tissue products.

Besides paper products, Tipex also distributes washroom hygiene products like cleaning agents and dispensers, baby and aduit diapers including Pet Pet, Fitti and Baby Love baby diapers, as well as Certainty adult diapers in Singapore. In 2013, Tipex was appointed as the exclusive distributor of reputable Australian household brand - MR CLEAN in Singapore.

Tipex’s extensive distribution network covers supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores, general retail trade, pharmacies, medical halls and institutions in both Singapore and Malaysia. In addition, Tipex’s products are being exported to New Zealand, Brunei, Australia, Vietnam, Maldives, India and Egypt.

Tips Industry (M) Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tipex, manufactures both consumer and commercial tissue paper products in Malaysia. Its consumer tissue paper range includes facial box tissue, pocket tissue, handkerchief, bathroom tissue, and kitchen towel. Its commercial products include napkin, serviette, hand towel, bathroom tissue, jumbo roll, hand & body soap, as well as dispenser.

Please visit www.tipex.com.sg and www.tipsindustry.com for more information.


Fortune Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd ("Fortune Food")

Beginning life as a manufacturing entity in the early 80’s, Fortune Food has since grown into a leading player in innovative food manufacturing in Singapore. Besides specialising in soya bean-based products such as tofu and tau kwa, Fortune Food is also the pioneer in introducing Sobe, Singapore’s first fresh, pasteurised soya milk, to the local market in 1995.

Using the finest soybeans from North America, products are manufactured daily in our HACCP certified production facility and delivered to retail outlets in our chilled delivery trucks. Providing Singaporeans with fresh, safe products is our primary objective. Samples of all manufactured products are retained for regular testing to ensure that only products that meet our stringent requirements are sent to the market.

Popular brands and products manufactured and distributed by Fortune Food include Fortune tofu, noodles, desserts as well as Hosei Japanese udon.

Please visit www.fortunefood.com.sg for more information.


SOCMA Trading (M) Sendirian Berhad ("Socma")

Established in 1989, Socma is one of the Hanwell’s marketing and distribution arms in Malaysia. With an extensive distribution network, its ability to partner with principals to build their brands in a highly competitive market is well known.

Socma specialises in 4 main categories: confectionery, snacks, grocery items and beverages. Some of the household brands that Socma exclusively distributes include Mentos, Chupa Chups, Smint, Fruitella, Tao Kae Noi, Tai Sun, Supernut, Mazola, Soyalite, Golden Circle, Harmuni, Indomie and Jia Duo Bao(formerly called Wong Lo Kat).

Through intensive research, Socma has developed its own range of housebrand products specifically for the Muslim community - Harmui -  Harmuni,a ready-mix coconut milk or Santan, kicap manis and kicap masin in 2013.

With one of the strongest distribution networks in Malaysia, Socma's products are delivered to retail and foodservice outlets such as supermarket, hypermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies. In-depth penetration is also reinforced by far-reaching distribution links strategically located in Alor Setar, Penang, Ipoh Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Kluang, Johor, Kota Bharu, Kuantan and East Malaysia.

Please visit www.socma.com.my for more information.