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Hanwell Longest Rally breaks Singapore record with 119 unique hits!

Community effort gets 9,520kg of rice for needy

Singapore – 24 August 2014 - Hanwell Longest Rally has set a new Singapore record today at Changi City Point, officials from Singapore Book of Records determined. 
The rally has achieved its record-breaking feat of having the most number of unique hits in a badminton rally. Starting off strong, many of the hundreds in the crowd held their breath on several occasions, when the count reached 89 before the shuttlecock hit the floor. Many groans could be heard but that did not dampen the spirit. 
Cheers echoed throughout Changi City Point, especially when the rally broke the current Singapore record of 96 on its 60th attempt. Although just 1 hit shy of the current world record of 120 hits, about 295 people, together with Member of Parliament Mr Ang Hin Kee and current and former national shuttlers Ronald Susilo, Ashton Chen, Xing Aiying and Terry Yeo celebrated victoriously. 
The new Singapore record meant that low-income families for Cheng San-Seletar Division received 9,520kg of rice donations from the title sponsor and leading provider of consumer essentials Hanwell Holdings Limited. 
Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Mr Ang Hin Kee, said, “Personally, I had great fun, and am glad we broke the Singapore record. It is heartening to see so many people get together to bond and rally for the community. Encouraging members of the public, as well as companies to contribute to society through such healthy and cohesive means is indeed a great thing.”
Executive Director of Hanwell Holdings Limited, Dr Coco Tang, who also scored a hit, expressed her excitement, “This year marks Hanwell’s 40th anniversary, and we are most happy to be celebrating with Cheng San-Seletar Division as they receive 9,520kg of our best selling Royal Umbrella Rice. I am delighted to be here with about 100 Hanwell staff to walk the talk on giving back to the community in such a fun and engaging manner.”
Also grinning ear to ear were four recognizable faces in the badminton circle. Household badminton name Ronald Susilo, together with former players Ashton Chen, Xing Aiying and Terry Yeo had contributed four unique hits to the badminton rally. 
“We came here to have fun but also join in for a good cause as Hanwell was distributing rice to the community. It’s a great event that has been well received by the public,” said Ronald Susilo. 
Participants who joined Hanwell Longest Rally in the name of badminton fun were also proud to have contributed to the new Singapore record. 
Joey Tan, 19, a student of Nanyang Polytechnic, said, “I heard about this event from my school team captain and decided to join along with 8 of my teammates because we want to do our part for a good cause. I’m very happy to be part this event, especially since we broke the Singapore record.”

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