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Sobe - "Will you be my Valentine?"

Say it with Sobe limited edition Valentine’s Day soy milk packs


Singapore, 16 January 2014 – This season, say “I love you” with Sobe. Leveraging on the success of the Christmas packs launched in December 2013, Fortune Food Manufacturing Pte Ltd (“Fortune Food”), a subsidiary of Hanwell Holdings Limited and manufacturer of Singapore’s first pasteurised soy milk, Sobe, has now come up with Valentine’s Day packs. ‘When Handsome met Hattie hedgehogs’ on the ‘Original’ variant; ‘Bingo and Betty, the lovey dovey bunnies’ on the ‘Trim’ pack and ‘Smitten by Kirie, Kiro feels that he’s king kitties’ on the ‘Unsweetened’ variant. The company has also created special poems to celebrate love.

Love poem 1

When Handsome met Hattie
They fell in love almost instantly
So be it, the other folks would say
May their love fill the air, night and day
Nothing beats being Original
Cos’ only true love can be eternal

Love poem 2

Bingo and Betty, the lovey dovey bunnies
Hopping around making merry
Oh that’s how we manage to stay so Trim
So only our love will burst at the seams
Rubbing noses, locking ears
Whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears

Love poem 3

Being in love is the sweetest thing
Smitten by Kirie, Kiro feels that he’s king
Even sackcloth feels smooth like silk
He would say, who needs a quilt
Even Unsweetened (soy) milk tastes like honey
Oh my dear Kirie, you are the only one whom I will marry


In addition, four Sobe customers stand to win a diamond pendant each in a lucky draw. The lucky draw form is printed on the Sobe carton. The closing date for the draw is 15 March 2014.

Sobe limited edition Valentine’s Day soy milk packs will be available at all major supermarkets from 20 January 2014, on while stocks last basis.

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